Wines with Ermelinda Freitas

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What to expect from this experience

Located in Fernando PĂł and the city of Palmela, Casa Ermelinda Freitas stands out as one of the largest family-owned companies producing some of Portugal’s finest wines, renowned and awarded in the SetĂșbal Peninsula.

Our estate unveils the secrets of winemaking, both ancient and contemporary, offering a direct connection to the vineyards where we cultivate 29 grape varieties for the production of our exclusive Portuguese wines.

In our modern cellar, visitors have the opportunity to witness every stage of production, from grape harvesting to bottling. We also highlight the Golden Hall, where the major distinctions awarded to Ermelinda Freitas wines are showcased, along with a small exhibition on cork stopper production.

During the visit, we invite you to explore our two cellars, which house approximately 3000 aging barrels. To conclude, guests will be led to our balcony, offering a panoramic view of the vineyards, where they can enjoy a delightful wine tasting accompanied by regional products.

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Wine Experience te leva a Casa Emerlinda Freitas

Wine Experience te leva a Casa Emerlinda Freitas


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Visit Description:

  1. Wine Production Introduction: Commence your tour with an introduction to wine production.
  2. Grape Harvest and Vinification Process: Observe the grape harvesting process and gain insight into the winemaking procedure.
  3. Visit to the Golden Hall: Explore the Golden Hall, where you’ll discover the accolades received by Ermelinda Freitas wines.
  4. Cork Production Exhibition: Engage with an exhibition showcasing cork production, revealing its essential role in wine bottle sealing.
  5. Lunch Break (not included): Enjoy a lunch break, although please note that lunch is not part of the program.
  6. Exploration of the Cellars: Venture into the cellars, where over 3000 aging barrels enhance the wines’ flavors and quality.
  7. Balcony with Panoramic Vineyard View: Proceed to the balcony offering panoramic vistas of the vineyards.
  8. Delight in Wine and Regional Product Tasting: Conclude your visit with a delightful wine tasting session, where you’ll have the opportunity to sample Casa Ermelinda Freitas’ flagship wines paired with regional products, creating a truly flavorsome experience.

This visit provides a comprehensive understanding of the winemaking process while allowing you to relish Casa Ermelinda Freitas’ exceptional creations within an enchanting setting.

What is included

Guided Tour with Proof: 5 wines | Regional Products | Always present guide.


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Payment will be completed and debited only when the reservation is confirmed. Do not worry, there will be no debit before.

Cancellation is free up to 48 hours before the experience. After this period will be charged 50% in the 48 hours and 100% in the 24 hours before the beginning of the experience.


Fernando PĂł, PoceirĂŁo e Marateca, Portugal

Coordinates: 38.636652, -8.691562

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