July 27, 2023

General Terms and Conditions

  1. Scope and Object of the General Conditions

1.1 – These General Conditions are intended to regulate the terms and conditions governing the provision of services by ANDRE MARTINS PEREIRA UNIPESSOAL LDA., with headquarters at Rua José Luís Monteiro, Lote 245, 9º C, 1950-162 – Lisbon, under the legal person identification number (NIPC) 517082748.

1.2 – ANDRE MARTINS PEREIRA, UNIPESSOAL LDA., hereinafter referred to as Wine Tour Experience, provides access to its online store via the email address www.winetourexperience.pt.

1.3 – The Wine Tour Experience promotes and disseminates wine tourism experiences on the winetourexperience.pt website. The services provided respect the corporate purpose of retail internet sales of wine tourism services provided by partner companies. The voucher works as a means of payment with the entity providing the services, at the choice of the acquirer with or without intermediation in the reservation of the service.

1.4 – The Wine Tour Experience sells experiences organized, carried out and provided by partners, which are entities legally certified for their exercise by Turismo de Portugal.

1.5 – The purchase of wine tourism experiences must be made by users of the Wine Tour Experience platform aged 18 (eighteen) years or older. The elements and information transmitted by the user will enjoy full legal effects, the user recognizing electronic purchases, and the user cannot claim the lack of signature for non-compliance with the obligations assumed.

1.6 – The user, when registering as a customer and/or acquiring a wine tourism experience through the Wine Tour Experience, expressly declares and accepts the Terms and Conditions described in this instrument, assuming full knowledge of all its content and its legal implications .

  1. Purchase of Vouchers and Online Reservations

2.1 – The voucher works as a means of payment for the experience with the partner that organizes and performs the experience.

2.2 – The wine tourism experience contains the following descriptions: title of the experience, purely illustrative photos, options for choosing the voucher or booking options with a calendar, summary of the experience, which includes, conditions, other information, partner contact and location of the experience.

2.3 – Wine Tour Experience will send all the vouchers purchased for the reservation to the email indicated by the customer.

2.4 – Booking the wine tourism experience is carried out through direct contact with our partners who provide the experience. The partner’s contact can be found in the description of the experience.

2.5 – To carry out the wine tourism experience, the customer must have the reservation voucher at the time of the reservation.

2.6 – For the wine tourism experiences designated “Immediate Booking” or “NO BOOKING”, the client will be able to carry out the wine tourism experience without the need to reserve by dates. In this context, the customer can go to the partner taking his voucher, during the opening hours of the service, being conditioned by its immediate availability.

2.7 – The experience is a service provided by the partner, so it is the responsibility of the partner entity that provides the experience to carry out and confirm its scheduling, reception and customer assistance. Cases of non-compliance with the experience as described by the partner, customer dissatisfaction with the services provided or complaints, as well as the legal implications arising therefrom, are the responsibility of the partner company. If the customer so wishes, they can always ask for our help for complaints about services they were not satisfied with.

2.8 – Each experience has an expiration date to be enjoyed, corresponding to the period of time in which the partner provides the experience from the moment of purchase or reservation on the platform. The validity period of the vouchers can be found in the description of the experience. After this period or in the case of non-attendance on the date and time of the reservation, the experience is automatically void, with no refunds for withdrawal.

2.9 – It is not possible to exchange or refund vouchers and reservations whose experiences have a date set to take place and the customer is not present at the time of their realization, as indicated in the experience.

2.10 – In case the customer makes the reservation of the experience with the partner and does not show up as scheduled, the voucher is void, taking into account the damage caused by the no-show.

2.11 – The Wine Tour Experience online booking service is immediately transmitted to the partner. Upon receiving the customer’s reservation request, the partner may accept it immediately, suggest a new date for it to be carried out or cancel the reservation. In the event of a suggestion of a new date or cancellation of the reservation, the customer is informed of the change.

2.12 – The invoice is issued immediately by the InvoiceXpress software with communication to the Tax Authority, always when completing the payment for wine tourism experiences through the Wine Tour Experience platform on the Easypay platform. In case of booking cancellation by the partner, the full amount of the experience will not be charged. And if the customer so wishes, he can exchange his experience or cancel the purchase, requesting a refund, according to his right of free withdrawal within 14 days.

2.13 – The Wine Tour Experience will do everything possible so that the information presented does not contain typographical errors, and these will be quickly corrected if they occur. The customer or another user may suggest corrections to any error identified by sending an email to [email protected].

2.14 – The information on the partners’ experiences is indicative and not binding, as its content is the responsibility of the partner providing it.

2.15 – Information on price, products, specifications, promotional actions and services may be changed at any time by Wine Tour Experience.

  1. Liabilities and Insurance

3.1 – All products and services marketed by Wine Tour Experience are in accordance with Portuguese law. The partners’ experiences are provided by their institutions, also within the scope of their regulated activities and compulsorily registered with Turismo de Portugal.