October 17, 2016


FAQs – Questions and Answers

1 – What is the Wine Tour Experience?

The Wine Tour Experience is a brand of ANDRE MARTINS PEREIRA UNIPESSOAL LDA. It is an online company that promotes and disseminates wine tourism in Portugal through its platform. The Wine Tour Experience provides wine tourism experiences through electronic vouchers for activities carried out by partners. And through online booking of experiences carried out by these same Wine Tour Experience partners within the scope of their legal activities. For more information, consult the General Terms and Conditions.


2 – I booked an experience, what should I do?

After booking a wine tourism experience, you must book it on the date shown on the electronic voucher for which you booked. The description of the experience contains important information about access to the partner and the conditions for carrying it out.


3 – What is the validity period of the experience through an electronic voucher?

Wine tourism experiences have an expiration date defined by the partner. The validity period can go up to 6 months, from the moment of purchase on the Wine Tour Experience platform.

4 – Is it possible to exchange an experience?

Yes. After purchasing the experience on the Wine Tour Experience platform, you can request to exchange it for another of equal or greater value, paying the difference, in this case. For this purpose, you have a period of 14 days from the moment of purchase.

The exchange can be carried out on the platform itself, in your customer area or alternatively by requesting it by means of a communication to [email protected].

5 – I bought an experience with a scheduled date, can I cancel?

Events with scheduled dates can be canceled up to the date defined by the partner  and set out in the description of the conditions. For other information regarding cancellation, you can consult the free resolution right page in the General Terms and Conditions.


6 – What payment methods are available?

You can count on the main payment methods accepted in Portugal. Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards are accepted. Payment methods also include Multibanco, PayPal, MBWAY, among other local payment methods through the Easypay platform.

7 – Can people with a disability carry out the experiments?

Most wine tourism units are equipped with means that promote accessibility for all people.

The Wine Tour Experience has experiences that stimulate all the senses and facilitate them through care in selecting experiences that respect accessibility, especially mobility, as well as access for people with visual impairments or with reduced hearing acuity.

In case of doubts about accessibility, for all wine tourism experiences, you can directly contact the partner providing the experience.

8– How can I request a guided tour in other languages?

For all wine tourism experiences, you will find qualified tourism professionals with partners.


9 – Can I buy an experience and have someone else do it?

Yes. The Wine Tour Experience experiences can be enjoyed by someone else, without this person having bought it.

You can also offer the experience through the platform itself, sending your purchase as an offer to those who wish to do so.

Each experience has a unique code that gives access to the experience purchased once.

If you have any questions, contact us via online chat, at [email protected] or via our customer service line +351 920 247 631.