Charming Dinner on Board Pipadouro: An Unforgettable Experience in the Douro ​

(Português) Na Pipadouro, cada viagem é uma jornada através do tempo, onde o luxo vintage encontra o sabor autêntico do Douro.

What to expect from this experience

At Pipadouro, every journey is a trip through time, where vintage luxury meets the authentic flavor of the Douro.

Pipadouro is a Portuguese company that started its activities in 2007 and revolutionized the concept of Luxury River Tourism with its innovative approach to Vintage Wine Travel. The company stands out for its classic boats, reminiscent of the charm of the 50s and 60s, and are classified as ‘Gentleman’s Vintage Boats’. Pipadouro offers completely original programs, with trips that redefine Wine Tourism, providing a unique and exciting wine and gastronomic experience. Its programs include classic, personalized, and regular departures, ensuring that each customer can enjoy a tailor-made experience.

Pipadouro’s mission is to provide unforgettable experiences to visitors, combining the excellence and quality of its services with the beauty and authenticity of the Douro region. The company presents an innovative concept of Vintage Wine Travel – Luxury River Tourism, offering exclusive programs that allow customers to experience the best that the region has to offer. With its classic boats and personalized services, Pipadouro is the perfect choice for those looking for a high-level tourism experience in the Douro.

Allow yourself to relax and enjoy the moment as the sun sets, creating a magical and romantic atmosphere. This is the perfect experience for those who want to combine the natural beauty of the Douro with the luxury and comfort of a high-standard river cruise.

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We look forward to welcoming you for an unforgettable experience along the Douro River.


As night falls, we embark on a unique and enchanting journey aboard the Pipadouro, one of the most emblematic boats on the Douro. The destination? A refined gastronomic experience, where dinner is not just a meal, but rather a moment of pure magic.

The Pipadouro’s Dinner of Charm is an experience that combines the elegance of a dinner on a boat with the natural beauty of the Douro River. During its two-hour duration, passengers have the opportunity to enjoy a dinner served with total exclusivity and a personalized and refined service.

What is included

The Pipadouro’s Dinner of Charm is more than just a meal. It is an experience that combines the natural beauty of the Douro with the elegance of a dinner on board a boat, providing unforgettable moments and memories that will last forever.