Wines of Sintra

In the county of Sintra, there is a small wine-growing area which is famous for its rare wines and its history dating back to 1255. Its unique characteristics have made it famous throughout Europe during the Middle Ages. Nowadays they are considered unmistakable by wine connoisseurs. In this experience you can learn about the region’s tradition and its setting in the context of national production, through a historical tour of the winery and Colares wines.

What to expect from this experience

Near the beautiful town of Sintra, there is a small region famous for its rare wines and long history of production, dating from 1255. The Colares area is a sanctuary for devotees of its eponymous wine, due to its very unusual cultivation caused by proximity to the sea and strong winds.

The renowned Portuguese writer Eça de Queiroz considered Colares wine to be the most French in the kingdom of Portugal.

This wine became famous throughout Europe during the Middle Ages for its distinctive taste and characteristics. Today, Colares wine is considered unmistakable by experts.

Viúva Gomes has maintained this tradition since 1808 and is visited by enthusiasts from all over the world.

Your experience of this wine house will fully acknowledge Colares’ rich tradition. A historical tour of the vineyard will be provided, in addition to an overview of the region in the context of national wine production. To fully understand the fascination with Colares, you will also get to taste four Víuva Gomes wines: one white and one red from Patrão Diogo, as well as a white and a red from Víuva Gomes.

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English, Portuguese


Guided Tour of the Viúva Gomes Wine Cellar
Proof of four wines

What is included

Guided Tour of the Viúva Gomes Wine Cellar.
Proof of four wines.


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Rua Viuva Gomes, Colares, Portugal, 2705-029

Coordinates: 38.796264, -9.469726

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