Tour of wine & olive oil Douro

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Enjoy the quality of Douro wines at the Museum of Olive Oil and Wine, located in one of the most beautiful landscapes of the region.

The wine region of Alto Douro is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the country. Behind all its dazzling nature there is a wine culture that has been developed more than two thousand years ago. One of the most famous wines of the Douro, is the port wine.

One of the wineries responsible for keeping the entire Douro tradition of producing excellent wines is D’origem. This familiar company has a deep knowledge of every traditional process of production of olive oil and wines.

In addition to all its cultural wealth, the winery is very close to the Mirador de Casal de Loivos, one of the best views of the Douro.

In this experience, we offer a visit to the old oil and wine press. The production worked until 2001, when it was converted into the Museum of Olive Oil and Wine. The visit is made by the owners and has a space of proofs of olive oil, wines and regional products are also included. Taste the wines “Velha Geração” (Old Generation) or “Herança” (Heritage), surrounded by vineyards that have crossed generations.

You can also choose other option of experience.  A guided tour and an offer of bottle of olive oil produced on the spot.

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Visit to the museum with wine tasting, olive oil, regional products and offer a bottle of olive oil per person!

This indication and the values of wine and olive oil in the Douro.

Casal de Loivos, Vale de Mendiz, Casal de Loivos e Vilarinho de Cotas, Portugal, 5085-037

Coordenadas: 41.201875, -7.527780

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