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The DOC is a wine restaurant and works as a space for tasting durienses wines due to its immense variety. The wine list contains all the prestigious wines produced in the region with 645 references, constituting itself as a true wine showcase of the Douro.

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Chef Rui Paula is from the Porto region and is executive chef of one of the most renowned restaurants in the Douro region, DOC (Certified Tasting). The cuisine here goes back to the connection with her maternal grandmother and her old recipes with the use of earth products. Chef Rui has a vivid memory of flavors, smells and textures that inspires his celebrated culinary creations in his restaurants. It is concerned with the conservation of the region’s flavors and the history of the dishes created. Currently he also works as a jury in the Portuguese version of Masterchef and Masterchef Junior.

For its authenticity and dedication, Chef has won numerous awards such as the distinction of indispensable in the category of Author’s Kitchen and the mention of better wine charts in the DOC and DOP restaurants.

The DOC restaurant was conceived by the chef in 2007 and is considered one of the largest gastronomic references in Portugal, situated in the Douro Valley, one of the most beautiful wine routes in the country.

According to the chef, the DOC restaurant “is a kitchen of inspiration from the Transmontano-Douro region that gives a very personal and contemporary feel”.

The DOC is also a wine restaurant and serves as a space for tasting durienses wines due to its immense variety. The wine list contains all the prestigious wines produced in the region with 645 references, its a true wine showcase of the Douro.

| Menu Douro |


Carpaccio of cod of half cure, the egg at low temperature and the alheira;


Grilled octopus with infusion of extra virgin olive oil and garlic;


White asparagus and black-legged ham;


Marinated Veal Tenderloin with Confectioned Potatoes and Vegetables Broth


The Fruit and the Eucalyptus Soup, the Chocolate and the Port Wine


Quinta da Romaneira Reserva 2015

Mapa Reserva 2013

Quinta do Tedo Grande Reserva Saavedra 2011

Rozès Tawny 2011

Quinta dos Murças Vintagem 2011

| Menu Signature |


Foie Gras with Citrus and Carrot, Grain Wings with Teriyaki Sauce and Scallops


Rodovalho, Basil Gnocchi and Heart of Fennel


Smoked Mackerel with Green Apple and Dill Olive Oil


Crispy Piglet with Galette Potato and Orange Sauce


Selection of Portuguese Cheese with Grape Compotes, Thousand Apple Slices


Murganheira Super Reserva Bruto Sparkling Wine 2010

Quinta do Vallado Reserva White Wine 2015

Meruge Red Wine 2013

Crasto Finest Reserve Ruby Porto Wine

Casa Burmester 20 Years Old Tawny Porto Wine


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Fish dish

Meat dish


Wine tasting service

Includes one of the menus (Signature or Douro) and wine tasting described in the experience.

Rui Paula Restaurante Doc, Folgosa, Portugal, 5050-044 GALAFURA

Coordenadas: 41.151601, -7.682209

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